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When enabled, focus mode only shows contacts that are assigned to the user, including calls and text messages. It does not allow the user to see the activities of the team.

Screenshot of Contacts page showing Contacts-Owned

How to Activate/ Deactivate Focus Mode

With focus mode on, you will see:

  • Contacts that are owned by your user

  • Communications [calls and texts] that are associated with your user

To activate focus mode,

  • Navigate to the Users menu

  • Select the user to set the focus mode ON > click Settings

    • Toggle the setting to deactivate the focus mode

  • Go to the Personalization tab

  • Enable Focus Mode

    πŸ“ Note - Focus mode is deactivated by default after login.

πŸ“ Note - Some of the summary reports across Aloware are sensitive to focus mode and might produce inaccurate data when this is enabled. For accurate reporting, do not use Focus Mode.


Once the Focus mode is set, contacts owned by the user will be displayed in the Contacts menu.

Notifications in Focus Mode

  • Users will receive notifications from the contacts they own;

  • Users will not receive notifications (email, SMS) from contacts that they don't own if they've to get notifications from a Line that they've set to monitor

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