User diagnosis tool:

Users can now set their own wrap-up settings

We have a new cascading wrap-up/outbound line/recording settings system to set these settings globally and prevent users from updating them on the user level

We have added four new buttons under the operations column (a new column) on the phone numbers table under the line settings:

  • Default caller id => Set a phone number as the default caller id

  • Transfer => Moves phone number to another line by showing a dialog that asks for a line name and transfers the phone number between lines.

  • Do Not Use => Sets a phone number to do not use

  • Unrent => Unrents a phone number

  • We have updated our dialer and added these features: You can now receive calls on all tabsAdded offline network connection detection; added Twilio connection quality monitoring dealer will be locked (gray color) in initializing state or when the network is offline.

  • Added restart or continue to stopped/failed contact import

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