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What is Wallboard?

Aloware Wallboard displays actual metrics information calculated daily for monitoring, management, and optimization, where everyone is able to see and work towards targets.

It gives real-time data to the team, such as

  • Number of total calls

  • Number of answered calls

  • Average Wait Time

  • Appointment Sets, etc

  • Monitor actual use statuses

What is a Contact Center Overview?

Contact Center Overview displays the real-time results of every communication type on a daily basis.

  • Total Calls, Answered Calls, Missed Calls, Abandoned Calls

  • Total Average Talk and Wait Time

  • Total Occupancy

  • Total Appointment and Reminders Set

  • Total Text (SMS) Sent and Received

  • Total Email Sent and Received

  • Total Faxes Sent and Received

What are Users by Status?

Admins can monitor and modify actual users' statuses in this section. Read more about Agent Statuses.

How to Modify User Status

When Admins notice a critically low number of available agents, admins can modify their statuses:

  • Go to Wallboard Menu, under Users by Status table, search for the User you want to change the status

  • Click on the Agent Status button; select a status. The user's status will change to the new status.

What is Queued Monitoring?

The Aloware Queued Monitoring section displays all incoming calls in the queue.

When a user receives more calls than he can answer, calls are placed in a waiting queue until an agent becomes available. An agent can pick up the call from Queued Monitoring section, and the call will dispatch.

What is Live Call Monitoring?

All users can track the actual live calls in the Live Call Monitoring section, where Admin and users (depending on access) can do other call actions without the contact's knowing:

  • Terminate - Admin can terminate the live call if needed

  • Call Barge - Admin can barge in the call if needed

  • Call Whisper - Admin can whisper in the agent's call for coaching or support

Once a user barges in or whispers in a call, their status will change to Sentry Mode.

Read more about Sentry Mode.

What is Parked Call Monitoring?

All users can see Parked calls on the Wallboard and allow agents (those who have access) to pick up an active call after an agent puts the call on hold or "parks" the call. Read more about Call Parking.

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