uPro & xPro Features

Sales and Marketing teams can reach out to many prospects efficiently with Aloware. This article is about the uPro & xPro Features.

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As a customer engagement tool, Aloware comes with many powerful features and tools to help our clients succeed. These features are designed for the Sales and Marketing teams to enable them to reach out to many prospects easily and efficiently.

Power Dialer

The advanced Power Dialer is a sales dialer that can run Progressive and Predictive dialing campaigns. Your sales reps use our fully automated and smart dialer to call large lists of prospects and talk to live persons only. Our technology quickly skips beeps, bad numbers, and voicemails for you. The Power Dialer is only available on xPro accounts.


Our bulk messaging tool allows you to run mass SMS campaigns.


Workflows (aka DRIP campaigns) are sets of automated tasks executed on a Contact (or lead) in a specific time sequence. You can manually or automatically enroll Contacts in a workflow.

Sequences have Steps and independent jobs (such as SMS autoresponders and predictive dialers) that run after each other with configurable timestamps.

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