Aloware comes with multiple plan types, depending on your use case. All of our Pro series plans (iPro, uPro, and xPro) have unlimited inbound minutes included with the plan, meaning that all your local inbound calls are free. You can see the latest pricing on our pricing page.

We've briefly described each plan below.

iPro Plans

We've designed the iPro plans for support teams who mainly use inbound calling and texting and rarely make an outbound calls. With the iPro plan, you pay for the users in your account (pay per seat model) as well as any toll-free numbers, inbound toll-free minutes, and outbound calling minutes. Sequences, Broadcasting, and the PowerDialer are not available on the iPro plan.

uPro Plans

uPro plans are our customer's favorite. All uPro plans allow unlimited inbound and outbound calling on local lines. With a uPro plan, all your inbound local calling minutes and outbound local calling minutes are included, and you only pay for the users in your account, along with number rental fees. The broadcaster and sequences are available under the uPro plan, and please see below for "automated messaging usage".

xPro Plans

The xPro plan series is designed specifically for sales teams utilizing Aloware's Power Dialer. Since the power dialer can consume significant calling minutes, the xPro series allow for unlimited inbound and outbound calling while using the performance tools. Just like uPro, the broadcaster and sequences are available under this plan.

Phone Numbers Rental

All local and toll-free phone numbers carry a monthly charge. The numbers renew every month on the day they were purchased. Phone numbers range from $1/mo to $6/mo, depending on your plan and rate.

Broadcaster, Sequences, and API Usage

Aloware will bill for all automated activity on your account regardless of the plan type you have. We define automated as outbound activity (calling or texting) when an agent has not initiated the call or the text. Here are a few examples:


  • Sequences

  • Broadcasts

  • SMS / Calls initiated from CRM Workflows

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