Lines are the core of your Contact Center: phone numbers that receive calls and text messages from your customers. Your lines are essentially your company numbers that take calls and feed them into your Ring Groups for answering. This is a key concept when using Aloware.

Existing lines can also be transferred to a new line,

When transferring a phone number to either an existing line or a new line from a line’s settings page, a popover with two tabs should display after clicking the “Transfer” button.

If you transferred a number to an existing line, the phone number should:

  • Disappear from the list of the phone numbers on the current line

  • Appear on the list of phone numbers on the line that it was transferred to

When transferring a number to a new line, the line name field should contain the incoming number’s phone number as its default value, should be editable, and the value set on this field should be saved as the new line’s name and the user should be redirected to the new line’s settings page.

Note: Only lines that have 2 or more phone numbers can be transferred to a new line. New line tab is disabled when the line has only one phone number.

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