Your Aloware Account

When you sign up for Aloware, we automatically create a new Line for you based on your area code. Go ahead and give yourself a call to see it in action!

The lifecycle of a Call

When someone calls your Aloware Line, they first hear your IVR. The IVR welcomes them to your company, optionally asks for an extension or a department selection, and then sends the call over to a Ring Group (or a user). The Ring Group decides how to distribute the call to your Users. Users are your agents, reps, hard phones, or occasionally external phone numbers that pick up and answer your calls.

You can track the progress of a call or historical calling and messaging records right on the dashboard.

Receiving Calls and SMS

Generally speaking, your prospects call and text your virtual Aloware phone numbers called Lines. We have covered the Line basics in a dedicated article: Introduction to Lines.

Making calls and sending messages

To make a call, open the Aloware dialer using the button on the top-left, “Open Dialer”.

To send a new message, head to Contacts, and create a new one.

You can also use the combo menu with the big + sign on the top right.

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