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Setting User Status to Available in Aloware Admin: A Step-by-Step Guide
Setting User Status to Available in Aloware Admin: A Step-by-Step Guide

This article explains how to set a user's availability status after logging in so that one doesn't have to do it manually.

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Setting User Status to Available Overview

By default, Aloware sets Agent's status to "Offline" after they log in or have 5 minutes of app inactivity. However, admins can manage their status to "Always available" by enabling the option from the User menu > Settings.

Enabling this feature, the user does not need to manually set the status to available after logging in but can still manually set themselves to Offline, On Break, or Busy.

How to Set User Status to Always Available

Before you start to set this up, take note of the following:

  • Only admins can change agents' or users' statuses in Aloware.

  • For mobile app users, Aloware will always route the calls to the Aloware app.

  • For desktop users, Aloware will NOT worry about your connection status and think you’re always online (if logged in).

Here's how to set agent status to always available:

  • Navigate to the Users menu.

  • In the list of Users, select and click a user that you want to make available after login.

  • Click the Settings button.

  • Go to the Personalization tab.

  • Toggle "Enable available by default, but allow manual changes".

  • Click the Save button.


The user should be in "Available" status after logging in.

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