Working as an Admin, it is very important to know what your agents are up to. In Reports Menu, there are filters that are helpful for selecting all the activities you want to show. These are called Activity Reporting filters and only selected activity will be displayed on the page. Date Range selector is also available to select a specific date for the report you want to be displayed. Customize the reports according to your needs and see how your lines are doing, what kind of callers you are getting, how your teams are performing, and what each individual user are doing.

Metrics and Line Filters

Reports also have Metrics filters to check all the activities from All Calls, All Outbound calls, Inbound calls, Qualified calls, Missed calls, Outbound calls, Qualified Outbound calls, Average Duration, Average Talk Time, Average Wait Time, Total Wait Time, All Text Messages, Inbound Text Messages, Outbound Text Messages, All Emails, Inbound Emails, Outbound Emails, All Faxes, Inbound Faxes, Outbound Faxes, Appointments, Reminders, and Average Response Time. For Line Filters, it shows All the Lines that are Active, Deleted or both.

Downloading Reports

Aloware provides a wide range of file formats to make it easier for you to have it on the go or just send it online to your team. Download your reports in PNG, JPEG, PDF document, SVG vector image, and CSV format.

Reports Table

Below the graph, there is a table that shows you the entire report in numbers. You can freely choose the columns you want to be displayed on the table under the Table Settings button. There is also a VIEW button wherein once clicked, you will be redirected to the Lines page and show the data.

Export and Copy Table Data

The Table can also be exported and can also check the progress of the export through Accounts > Exports. Copy table data will copy the data on your clipboard.

Sample Export Email

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