User timeline can be used to get a report for the following things:

  • It shows the user availability history

  • It can be used to assess a user's presence and work history on Aloware

  • It can be used to export user activity over a period of time using the export tool

The Timeline can be accessed by clicking Users under the Main Menu. From there, scroll down toward the Operations column and click on the purple Timeline button.

* Please note that the Timeline is only available for admins.

The user timeline will show all the status updates of that particular user — whether they're on a call at that particular time when they were online, offline, or available and the duration of these changes.

There are two sets of data points reported under the timeline:

  • Availability status changes - This happens when the phone system and the agent perform a function related to calling. This can be a phone ring, an agent taking a call, an agent making an outbound call, and staying in the wrap-up. You can also change it manually by clicking on the drop-down button beside your account name icon.

  • Status changes - This happens when someone logs in or out of the platform. You have to be on online status to take or get calls, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you are getting calls (please check availability statuses). To put it simply, status is like a time card you punch when you enter or exit the building.

Timeline Data

By default, we are showing the timeline of the user for Today. You can customize the time period of the user timeline by clicking on the date range selector from the top-right portion of the screen:

Timeline data can also be exported to a CSV file using the export tool from the top-right portion of the screen:

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