In the broadest sense, Users are the people within your organization that log in to Aloware. Most users take calls from Ring Groups and answer them, make new calls, send texts, or reply to SMS messages from your leads and customers.

Each user can be configured to have their extension, working hours, voicemail prompt, hardware phone, and a couple more settings. You can view each agent’s activity or control their access to Aloware.

How Calls Are Routed To Agents

As we mentioned in the previous articles, your calls and text messages go from Lines to Ring Groups and then dispatched to Users according to rules you define. If you want to, you can directly assign a Line to a user (see this article). The simple flowchart below describes the life cycle of a call:

User Roles & Permissions

Aloware supports 4 main user roles. The roles represent how your team members interact with Aloware, and with your data. By default, all users have access to Aloware tools, however, their visibility is limited; meaning that the data they can see (or manipulate) changes based on their role.

  • Admins - Admins have full access to everything. They can create Lines, add users, delete ring groups, change routing, or modify any contact.

  • Agents - Agents have read access to all your lines, users, contacts, and sequences. Agents can make or take calls, and send or receive messages from your contacts. Agents can view ALL of your contacts. Most Aloware clients use this access level for their team members.

  • Reps - Reps are limited agents with read-only access to pre-selected lines and pre-assigned contacts. Reps can only answer messages for their own leads, and only have access to contacts that they have been assigned to. If you are running Aloware in a competitive sales organization, this access level is right for you.

  • End Clients - End clients are read-only accounts for your customers to see reports, performance, and listen to voicemail. End clients cannot take calls or respond to messages. End clients derive their contact visibility from the lines they have access to. A good use case for the End Client is Call Tracking / Marketing Agency wishing to show dynamic performance reports.

Adding a New User

When we create your Aloware account, we automatically create a new user for the account owner. This user has super admin privileges (admin + billing). If you need more, click + Add User from the top left. More details can be found in our “ Adding New Users” article. Note that in most of our billing plans, adding a user will require a charge to your credit card.

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