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Local presence matches your caller ID and area code to the prospect you are calling. This article is all about Local Presence.

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When running an outbound calling campaign, you want to increase your pickups and overall connection rate. A great way to achieve this is by matching your outbound Caller ID with the prospect's phone number.

This technique works on a very simple principle: people are more likely to pick up a call from their local area code than across the nation. Aloware's local presence engine will dynamically match your caller ID and area code with the prospect you are calling.

Take this real-life case - Aloware's sales team is in Los Angeles, but we call people nationwide, and we utilize Aloware's local presence package. When our sales agents want to call local businesses (818, 310, 323, 424 area codes), Aloware will use a LA phone number. When we call companies in Salt Lake City, UT Aloware will dial those numbers with an 801 area code.

How to enable local presence

Our local presence package is a set of phone numbers bundled together, plus automated logic to find the nearest area code when calling out. Currently, we offer our local presence package in 3 forms:

  • Nationwide: around 300 phone numbers across the US -- for nationwide callers

  • Major cities: 1 phone number per major city in the US (about 90 phone numbers)

For clients operating in a single state specifically (for example, a legal firm or an insurance agency licensed in a single state), we can prepare a package with all area codes in that state.


In collaboration with our vendors, we are pricing the local presence packages separately from the phone number rental fee in your plan. Please get in touch with your account rep to request pricing.

Numbers coming out as spam

If your calling volume is high (more than 500 calls a day in your account), you've probably heard that your phone number has shown as spam on your prospect's phone. This is due to the new regulation and conventions put in place by carriers.

Utilizing our local presence packages, you can distribute your calls across a larger pool of numbers and alleviate the problem.

Number Rotation

If your calling volume is very high (more than 5000 calls a day in your account), you might burn through your local presence package faster. We have automated functionality to monitor the health of these numbers and we can rotate them dynamically.

When we rotate your numbers (e.g. retiring the old ones and buying a new local presence package), we will internally hold on to those numbers for 1-2 months so people can still call and text you back. Your reps will not be using those old caller ids, they will use the new ones.

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