Aloware lets you reset your password easily for your account's maximum protection. You can reset your password in two ways; First is by going to Profile Settings and the second one is by clicking the "Forgot Password?" on the log-in page of Aloware.

Profile Settings

You can change your Aloware password through the profile settings. Click your account name in the top right of Aloware and a drop-down menu will appear, click the "Profile Settings", and Aloware will direct you to the "Users" tab in where you can see all the profile-related settings.

In the first tab of the "Profile Settings" page, scroll down or click the "Change Password" in the navigation panel in the right part of the interface and it will automatically scroll down to the "Change Password" setting.

Once you are there, toggle on the change password button for you to enter a new password.

After entering your new password and the password confirmation, don't forget to hit the "Save" button in the lower right part of the interface and after that, you are good to go.

Forgot Password

In case you fail to recall your password or if the autofill of your browser doesn't fill out your email address and password, you can hit the "Forgot Password" button.

After clicking the button, it will direct you to the reset password page in where you will have to type your email address.

After typing your email address, hit the "Send Reset Link". Then check your email because Aloware will send you a generated email where you can reset your password.

Click the "Reset Password" button from your email, and a new tab will open.

Enter your Email Address again, and enter your desired password for Aloware and click the "Reset Password". Once you're done, you are good to go to log-in to your Aloware account.

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