Aloware recently introduced Sequences+, an improved version of Sequences. All customers must migrate their Sequences to this new system by Friday, May 28th.

There are many benefits to this system. However, one unavoidable effect of this required migration is any existing enrolled contacts will be re-enrolled and start the Sequence again from Step 1.

Required Actions for Admins (by Friday, May 28th)

  1. For each of your sequences, click the yellow Sequence+ Migrator button in the Sequence Action Pane. This will convert them to a Sequence+ type.

    * NOTE - Once you click the below button, all enrolled contacts will lose their place in the current Sequence and will be automatically re-enrolled under the new Sequence+ type. Sequences without enrolled contacts will not be affected. This is unavoidable.

    Sequence+ Migrator Button Screenshot:

    * NOTE - If you don’t want your contacts to be re-enrolled in the sequence, you can remove the currently enrolled contacts by clicking “Clear Tasks” under the ‘Tasks’ Action.

  2. If you have any large sequences, you may need to reduce the rate at which your Sequence+ enrolls the contacts via the Throttling Setting (since all previously enrolled contacts will be re-enrolled at the same time).

    Screenshot of new Sequence+ Throttling Setting:

Watch this tutorial on how to migrate your Sequences to Sequence+.

Sequence+ Migration Timeline:

  • Voluntary migration (customer can migrate Sequences to Sequences+ over the next ten days (until Friday, May 28)

  • Beginning Friday, May 28, Aloware will begin to automatically migrate customers’ Sequences to Sequences+. This will automatically re-enroll currently enrolled contacts into the new Sequences+ type, and they will start the steps over.

Sequence+ Benefits:

  • Real-Time Throttling - Apply real-time (instead of delayed) throttling

  • Flexible Step Execution - Each Sequence+ step execution time is determined by the previous step rather than the initial step

  • Improved UI - Now easier and more intuitive to use

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