Why use Sequences?

  1. Automate Phone Dialing or Sending SMS / Emails

    1. Automatically Qualify Leads from Sales Lists (most popular)

    2. Send Follow Up SMS to leads you haven’t heard from in a while (B2C, Dealerships)

    3. Remind new customer to upload document/ sign contract

    4. Send Survey after Customer Service Call

    5. Send Welcome texts to newly onboarded customers

  2. Automate Agent Tasks in Aloware

    1. Tag an inbound lead as interested.

    2. Add a contact to your Power Dialer Queue

    3. Add a contact to DNC

Sequences Issues

  • Issue #1 - Steps executed based off first step’s timing? in sequence

    • No distinction between business day vs non-business days (weekends, holidays)

      • SMS Campaign may send text to business customer on Saturday?

    • Scheduling a Sequence during Business Close Time caused issues

      • Steps 2 - n wouldn’t be run because, it had to obey Closing Time

    • If contact was enrolled during a holiday, or weekend,

      Example (incomplete) - Chad is enrolled (via API from deal vendor) is enrolled into a sequence on Saturday. Why is this an issue come Monday?

  • Sequences+ solves this by executing steps relative to the previous step

  • Issue #2 - Unable to change settings for enrolled contacts in sequence. Could only change settings for new clients

    • Increase / Decrease Sequence Throttling Speed

      • If you have less agents one day to respond to interested contacts, you couldn’t slow it down. Nor could you speed it up.

    • Sequences+ solves this by allowing user to change Throttling Speeds and Settings ad hoc for currently enrolled contacts AND future enrolled contacts

Sequence+ Benefits

  • Steps Execute Relative to Last Step (instead of first step)

    • Steps Execute based off past step’s timing?

  • Improved Usability?

  • New Rules Engine - run sequentially

  • Filters

  • Search

  • Faster (parallel) - 100 contacts / min

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