When integrated with your HubSpot instance, Aloware is capable of dialing your audience on a contact, deal, or company record page natively.

⚠️ You need one of the following plans (requires HubSpot Calling) to make native calls in HubSpot with Aloware Dialer:

How to Make Calls in HubSpot using Aloware:

Step 1: Ensure your Aloware account is properly integrated into your HubSpot instance.

-You can check the status of your integration by navigating in Aloware to

Integrations > HubSpot > Settings

Step 2: Open HubSpot and verify that Aloware is selected as your calling provider.

-Click the Phone Handset Icon on any contact, deal, or company record and then click Open Call Settings. If your calling provider is not Aloware, select it as your default.

Step 3: Click the handset again and choose your target number and voila! – you’re now dialing natively in HubSpot via Aloware :)

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