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Troubleshooting Aloware Authentication Issues
Troubleshooting Aloware Authentication Issues
Anti-Malware Software may prevent you from authenticating with Aloware. This article shows you how to troubleshoot Authentication Issues.
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General Issues

Sometimes Anti-Malware Software prevents the Aloware Web app from authenticating you as a user (The login screen doesn't change). This has been observed with the following anti-malware software types:

If you're trying to authenticate into Aloware and nothing happens once you click 'Login', you may need to whitelist Aloware on your Malware Application

Example Aloware URLs you should whitelist (double-check your URL domain):



How to Whitelist Aloware in Bitdefender's Protection Shield

Open Bitdefender

Add Exclusion

Add Aloware's URL (you may be using a different URL than the one shown in the picture)

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