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Agent Status Types Overview

Aloware assigns Users an 'Agent Status' based on their actions. These statuses help Aloware to:

  • Know if a User should receive an incoming inbound call

  • Report to Admin on which agents are available

Agent statuses are classified into two types: Manual-defined and System-defined.

Manual-Defined Statuses

Agents can manually set their status to indicate the current action they are taking.

Screenshot of Agent Status

Agents can manually set these. Aloware can also assign these statuses to users based on their Account or User Settings.

  • Offline

    • When you log out, Aloware automatically puts you offline. This means that when you log in, you will be in the Offline state.

    • You cannot receive inbound calls but you can make outbound calls.

  • Available

    • This is the only state where an agent can receive inbound calls.

  • Busy

    • It informs the system that agents are still present at their desks but are unable to accept incoming calls.

    • Agents are likely to use this state when they do not want to be interrupted while working on a task.

      🗒️ Note - If an agent declines a call, the system automatically switches their status to Busy. The agent must manually set themselves to Available when they are ready to take calls again.

  • On-Break

    • It notifies the system when an agent is physically away from their desk/headset (lunch, etc.). Agents are also unable to receive inbound calls.

System-Defined Statuses

Aloware automatically sets users to certain statuses depending on the user's current call state:

  • On-Call

    • Unable to receive inbound calls.

    • The system recognizes the Agent is on a call.

  • Ringing

    • Unable to receive inbound calls.

    • The system detects that the Agent is receiving an inbound call and the phone is ringing.

    • This starts when Agent is first notified of an incoming call and ends when the user clicks 'Connect' or the Ringing stops. *Call Ringing can be defined for a specific interval in Ring Group Settings.

  • Wrap-Up

    • Unable to receive inbound calls

    • The system recognizes the Agent begins Call Wrap-up work after a call is finished.

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