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Stay Connected and Informed: Understanding and Utilizing Agent Status in Aloware
Stay Connected and Informed: Understanding and Utilizing Agent Status in Aloware

Aloware assigns users Agent Statuses based on their actions within the application. This article is about Agent Status Types.

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What is Agent Status in Aloware?

Agent Status in Aloware Talk allows users (agents) to indicate their availability and activities. This feature is accessible from the User avatar dropdown menu and helps admins monitor the agent's availability.

Where Can I Find My Status in Aloware?

To view and manage your status in Aloware:

User Avatar Dropdown

  • Click your user avatar in the top right corner of Aloware Talk interface. A dropdown menu will appear.

  • Status Indicator - Inside the dropdown menu, you'll find a ✔ displaying your current status.

  • Changing and Selecting Status - To change or select your status, click the indicator in the dropdown menu that reflects your current activity or availability. The indicator color and meaning will update accordingly.

  • System-Defined Statuses - Some statuses are automatically assigned based on your call activities. These system-defined statuses, like On-Call, Ringing, and Wrap-Up, update dynamically during your interactions with calls.

By following these steps, you can easily manage and update your status in Aloware Talk, keeping others informed about your availability and activities.

Types of Agent Statuses

Let's explore the two types of Agent Statuses in Aloware Talk: Manual-Defined Statuses and System-Defined Statuses.

  • Manual-Defined Statuses

    Agents can manually set their status to reflect their actions. The user's profile color corresponds to their status. Here are the available Manual-Defined Statuses:

    1. Offline

      When agents log out, their status automatically becomes Offline, displayed with a grey color indicator. While offline, agents cannot receive inbound calls but can make outbound calls.

    2. Available

      The default status where agents can receive inbound and make outbound calls. It is indicated by a green color indicator.

    3. Busy

      Agents choose Busy when they don't want to be interrupted during important tasks. In this status, agents cannot receive inbound calls, and the status displays a red color indicator.

    4. On Break

      Agents select On Break when temporarily away from their desks, indicated by a yellow color indicator. This status informs the system that agents are unavailable to receive inbound calls, such as during lunch breaks.

  • System-Defined Statuses

    Aloware Talk automatically assigns statuses based on ongoing call activities. The colors represent the current call state. These are the System-Defined Statuses:

    1. On-Call

      When agents are actively engaged in a call, their status becomes On-Call. Agents cannot receive inbound calls during this time, and the indicator color is light blue.

    2. Ringing

      When agents receive an inbound call, Aloware Talk sets their status to Ringing. The phone rings, but the call is not yet connected. The indicator color is light green.

    3. Wrap-Up

      After completing a call, agents enter the Wrap-Up status. They can perform post-call tasks, such as note-taking or updating customer information. During Wrap-Up, agents cannot receive inbound calls, and the indicator color is yellow.

Turn Notifications Off

Agents can enable the "Turn Notifications Off" feature to temporarily hide notifications across various communication channels, including in-app, desktop, mobile, email, and text messages. This feature ensures uninterrupted work time by minimizing distractions.

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