Merging contacts in HubSpot requires users to perform an extra step in Aloware for each contact to make sure they're synced.

📄 Instructions:

  1. Merge contacts using HubSpot's merge process.

  2. Then, manually sync in Aloware each of the contacts you merged in HubSpot:
    For each of the contacts merged:

    1. Find the contact's email in the HubSpot record

    2. Search for this email in Aloware's Contacts page to bring up the identical contact in Aloware.

    3. Double click the contact that matches the email to open the Contact's Page.

    4. In the Contact's Page, scroll down on the Contact Details Column. Click the Sync Aloware Contact with HubSpot button under the HubSpot Integration Card. This will update the Aloware contact to match the HubSpot contact's state.

⚠️ Note:

  • If you don't follow Step 2 for each contact, the contacts will be out of sync in Aloware which may cause issues for agents working on them.

  • Step 2 is required because HubSpot doesn't provide Merge event notifications or webhooks that would notify Aloware it should sync its contacts. We've requested HubSpot to add this to their Event Notifications. In the meantime, use this manual process to sync merged contacts.

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