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What is Aloware Automatic Time-zone Detection?

Aloware's automatic time-zone detection feature automatically allows determining a contact's timezone based on the phone number. This is an important feature because it skips calling the contacts whose timezone is beyond the business hours, especially calling them during the wee hours.

When a contact is created, Aloware uses its phone number to determine the city, state, country, and timezone related to that phone number. If the details do not appear yet, refresh the page.

To provide a frame of reference when calling, Aloware displays the contact's current local time if a time zone exists.

How does the Aloware automatic time-zone detection feature work

The accepted phone number format for Aloware is +E164 or an International telephone numbering plan. This number allows all communication types are routed correctly in Aloware. Otherwise, Aloware will skip contacts that do not have a defined time zone or proper phone number format.

Here is an example of the +E164 format:

E.164 Format

Country Code


Contact’s Number

















What happens when a contact's phone number does not match the +E164 format?

If a contact's phone number doesn't have a country code, Aloware will try to guess the country code and timezone using an algorithm. Countries are listed in order of precedence:

  • USA + territories

  • Canada + territories

  • Great Britain (UK)

  • Australia

This means that when a phone number does not match any number within the USA and its territories, it will look for phone numbers in Canada, and the list goes on. So, it is important to use the proper format in adding contact details to communicate with the right contact.

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