Setting up MailChimp with Aloware
Use Aloware Sequence with MailChimp to automate your marketing strategies. This article is about Setting up your MailChimp to Aloware.
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You can now integrate Mailchimp into Aloware in two ways:

Once connected:

  • MailChimp will send records to Aloware in real time;

  • Aloware will convert your MailChimp account’s records into contacts and;

  • You may enroll these contacts intoAloware Sequence to automate your marketing strategies.

Using MailChimp's Webhook

Follow this MailChimp Guide in setting up the webhook from your MailChimp account.

Using Zapier

  • Log in to your Zapier account.

  • Enter MailChimp and Aloware on the fields

  • Select Trigger. For this example, we'll use NEW CUSTOMER (MailChimp) and CREATE/ UPDATE CONTACT (Aloware)

  • Click Get Started

  • Accept Zapier's data privacy.

  • Select Connect button (MailChimp will request authorization just continue logging in)

  • Select Allow

  • You have successfully integrated MailChimp and Aloware.

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