What APIs are available to Aloware customers?

  • Sequences API

    You may enroll a contact to a sequence through API:

    POST /api/v1/webhook/sequence-enroll


    This allows the user to send an SMS to a lead with a phone number:

    POST /api/v1/webhook/sms-gateway/send

  • Ringless Voicemail API

    RVM allows you to send RVM to a phone number:

    POST /api/v1/webhook/rvm-gateway/send

  • Two-Legged Call API

    This allows you to establish a two-legged call to a phone number:

    POST /api/v1/webhook/two-legged-call

  • Number Lookup API

    This helps you figure out customers with landlines. It is helpful for SMS marketing campaigns sent individually:

    POST /api/v1/webhook/lookup

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