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Aloware Talk's Inbox lets agents move contacts from Open to Pending to Close. This article explains Inbox and Task Management.

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What is Inbox?

Users can change a contact's status in Aloware Talk's Inbox from Pending to Close, and it displays all of their communications (calls, messages, etc.) in one place.

Screenshot of Alo Talk Inbox

How does Communication Task Management work?

An agent can manage to move the state of contact from Open to Pending to Close. Moreover, an agent can also send text, fax, email, or keep a note of the contact.

  • Open - All contacts with any new communication are set to an Open state by default

  • Pending - refers that a task that is not yet fulfilled with these contacts

    • Click the clock icon to move a contact to the Pending state from Open

    • Click the check icon to move the contact to Close

    • Click the mail icon to reopen the contact

  • Closed - Work associated with Contact has been finished

    • Click the mail icon to move the contact to Open state

What are My Contacts?`

"My Contacts" allows agents to view the contacts assigned to them, including their communication history.

Screenshot of Alo Talk with Enabled My Contacts

What are Channels?

See communications across different channels.

  • Calls - Calls tab shows all contacts whose agents sent and received calls

  • Messages - Messages tab shows all contacts whose agents sent and received messages

  • @Mentions - displays all received and sent mentions between users in Aloware

    • Go to the Mentions tab, click on Note, and use an @mention in the message composer

  • Voicemail - displays all contacts who leave a voicemail message

  • Recordings - shows all contacts who were sent a recording from your agent

  • All Communications - shows all communications made in contacts (calls, texts, fax, etc.) but does not display the Task statuses (Open, Pending, Close).

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