Adding and Importing Contacts to Aloware Talk

Contacts organize all your customer information and record all communication. This article discusses adding and importing contacts.

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What are Contacts in Aloware Talk?

Aloware Talk's Contacts easily organize all your customer's information and records all communication in one place.

How to Add a Contact in Aloware Talk

  • Go to the Contacts tab, and click the Add contact button.

  • Provide necessary details, and click Save.

How to Import Contacts with Aloware Talk

Aloware Admins import contacts in Aloware Talk.

  • Go to the Lists menu, and click the Create Lists button.

  • Select either Import from HubSpot or Import CSV.

  • If you select "Import CSV," the Import Wizard modal will guide you through the process.

    • Check the DNC (Do Not Call) Agreement before importing, then click the "Next Step" button. You may "Download Contacts Templates" if you do not have a clean list yet.

  • Update the downloaded template. Click the "Upload from Computer" button; this will display your imported list of contacts.

  • Aloware will show the first ten rows from your file. Assign each column to its corresponding property.

  • Then, click the "Next Step" button when you've reviewed your contact list.

  • Customize your Import Settings:

    • Update Existing Contact - Override original contact data with the latest imported list.

    • Save Unknown Columns - Selecting this option will save unknown columns to notes.

    • Multiple contacts for each phone number - Separate contacts with multiple phone numbers into individual entries.

      • When selected, number 1 at the end of contact names is added.

        • In Aloware Admin

        • In Aloware Talk

    • Line - Assign a line to import these contacts.

    • Contact List Name - Name the contact list where these contacts will be grouped.

    • Contact Folder - Choose the folder for placing this list.

      Contact Folder and List is found in Aloware Talk

    • Assign Contacts to - Assign leads to an agent or ring group.

    • Sequence (optional) - Assign a sequence to these contacts.

    • Tags (optional) -Select tags to assign to the contacts. Aloware creates a date-based tag upon importing, visible on the Contacts page for easy search, filter, and sorting.

    • Split Tag - Divide tags into smaller ones.

  • After completing the settings, click the Start Import button.

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