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Tracking Statistics in Aloware Talk: A Beginner's Guide
Tracking Statistics in Aloware Talk: A Beginner's Guide
Create dashboards based on metrics like call type, call time, SMS, and email type. This article explains Aloware Talk Stats.
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The Agent Stats tab provides a dashboard view of metrics about their performance to monitor business goals. Users can create their own dashboards (metric groups) based on various metrics which include call type, call time & duration, SMS types, email types, etc.

How to Create Metric Groups

  • Click the "+ Add Metric Group" button on the upper-right to create a new metric group.

  • Click on the pencil icon to name the metric group list e.g., Calls

  • Click the "+ Add Metric" button on the metric group to add a metric

  • Click Add Metric from the metric group. A modal pop-up will display. Select from the metric properties

  • Assign status with the corresponding color:

    • Success - Blue

    • Warning - Red

    • Default - Black

  • You can add multiple metrics to the Metric Group

How can you Move the Metrics Group List in the Desired Sequence?

  • Hover your mouse on the lower-right side of the metrics group list bar, and click on the three-bar menu, then move the group to your desired sequence

How to Delete the Metric Group List

  • Hover your mouse on the upper-right corner of the metrics group list bar, click on the "X" button

  • Click Remove, and a notification will display on the lower-left corner of the screen

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