Adding and Deleting Users for Aloware Admins

Efficiently manage user access and permissions. Here's how to add and delete users in Aloware Admin.

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What are Users?

Users are the people within the organization that log in to Aloware with specific roles and access.

As Admin, you have full access to everything, Aloware Admin and Aloware Talk. You can create lines, add users, delete ring groups, change routing, or modify any contact. You can view each agent's activity and control the agent's access to Aloware.

As Agent, you have access to Aloware Talk, contacts, calendar, and communication logs. You may also make or take calls and send or receive messages from your contacts.

Aloware team automatically creates a user for the account owner. The Account Owner has an admin role who will add other users respectively.


  • Only admins can add and delete Aloware users.

How to Add a New User

There are two ways to add users to Aloware:

  • Using the + button from the dashboard

    • To do this, click on the "+" button, and click User; or

  • Navigating to the Users menu

    • Navigate to the Users menu in the left sidebar, and click the "+Add User" button

    • Fill in the user's information:

      • First name

      • Last name

      • Email - the user will receive the password to his active email.

      • Role - assign the role of the user.

      • Password - select a password type, either Manual or Auto-Generate.

      • Answer Type - set how the user will answer calls.

      • Backup routing (Beta) - call routing will check if the user is online on Aloware. Enabling this, the backup phone number will ring if the user is not available.

    • Once done, click the Add button.

    • The successfully added user will display in the list of users in the user dashboard.

Deleting a User

  • Navigate to the Users menu in the left sidebar.

  • If there are multiple users, you can use the search bar and search for the username you want to delete.

  • Click the Delete button.

  • Click OK.

    ⚠️ Deleting the user will also delete all the reports associated with the username.


  • A successful notification will display when the user is successfully deleted.

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