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What is Power Dialer?

Aloware's Power Dialer enables agents to automatically call a list of leads one by one instead of multiple calling - which optimizes the calling process, making it more focused, efficient, and productive. It can also work on the imported lists from CRM integrations.

How to Add Contacts to Call in Power Dialer

Building a Task List

A task list is the list of contacts that Power Dialer will call. Users can add tasks at any time, even during the call.

There are four (4) ways to build your task list:

  • Add Contact group in a Bulk List

  • Create a list through Filter

  • Adding a contact to the Test

  • Pulling list from CRM Integrations

Bulk List

The bulk list is based on the contact groups, where users can add multiple contact group lists to the task.

  • Navigate to the Power Dialer menu on the left panel

  • Click the "+Add Task" button, choose the Bulk tab

  • Select contact groups, and choose from the existing contact list

  • Select where you want to push contacts to, and select from the further actions

    • Pushing the contacts to the bottom will put the new additions at the bottom of the list

  • Contacts from the selected lists will display in the Queued section.


By using the Filter option, you can customize and create your own task list immediately after you select and apply your filters.

For instance, if the user wants to include the contacts whom they have connected with on their list, they can use the filter based on the last engagement.

  • Go to the Power Dialer tab.

  • Click the "+Add Task" button, choose the Filter tab

    • You can filter your contacts by

      • Engagement date and Direction (Inbound or Outbound)

      • Creation date

      • Duration

    • To filter further, click the filter tab, configure your filter settings, then click Apply.

  • Click Add Task


If you want to add a single contact to your task list to test your power dialer, you can choose the Test option and select a contact.

  • Go to the Power Dialer tab.

  • Click the "+Add Task" button, choose the Test tab

  • Select a contact to add

  • Click the Add Task button

After adding the tasks, you will see the selected contacts under the queued column.

Building a list of CRM accounts (Integrations)

  • Users can directly pull a list of contacts from their integrated CRM Account.

    • If your CRM account is not yet integrated, you may check the list of CRM integration guides here.

  • Select where you want to push contacts to, select from the given filter options, then click the Add Tasks button

  • You will see the contacts in the queued section.

Other functions before starting a call

  • Skip outside daytime

    When you select "Skip outside daytimes", Aloware will skip the contacts whose timezone is beyond the usual working hours. Learn more about Aloware timezone detection.

  • Add Multiple Phone Numbers

    The “Add Multiple Numbers” feature adds the contact’s alternate/other available numbers aside from its main contact number. This feature gradually lessens the failed calls. (You can see the alternate number in parenthesis and in bold format next to the contact name.)

  • Prevent Duplicate Task Creation

    By selecting the Prevent duplicate task creation option, Aloware ensures that duplicate contacts will not be added to your task list.

  • Future Scheduled Task

    This feature lets you schedule a task and execute it automatically. From the "Add Task" button, click "Future Scheduled Task" then select the date and time that you want your tasks to be added.

  • Open CRM Link

    HubSpot no longer supports iframe. Read this article about HubSpot iframe to know more.

  • Open Contact Page

    This will display the contact page during the power dialing session.

How to Start the Power Dialing Session

  • Once the contacts are listed in the Queue Section, click the Start button to start the power dialing session.

  • Aloware will automatically hide the task list to help you focus on the call. When you are on a call, you can see a task list button on the top-right side of the screen, where you can use it to toggle the task list's display.

  • Tasks status can be

    • In progress

    • Queued

    • Completed

    • Failed, and

    • Scheduled - Set a schedule of calls to a specific list of contacts

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