Usage Dashboard

The usage dashboard shows how your organization is using its Aloware subscription. This article explains Usage Dashboard.

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Understanding Usage Dashboard

The usage dashboard shows how the organization is using the subscribed Aloware plan. It gives you a quick insight into how much of the resources are spent on different communication types.

To see the Usage dashboard:

  • Login to your Admin account

  • Go to the Accounts tab, and click the Usage tab

Generally, the usage dashboard displays:

  • Users

  • Local (phone, SMS, minutes, MMS used)

  • Toll-free (phone numbers, SMS, minutes, local MMS used)

  • Local minutes

  • Fax (sent, received)

  • Ringless Voicemail

  • Answering Machine Detections

  • International Text Messages

  • Emails Sent

  • Sequence Enrollments

For non-Pay-As-You-Go accounts, What's included in your plan section is hidden from their account.

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