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Getting Started with Aloware
Introduction to Aloware
Aloware Basics: A Comprehensive Overview for New Users
Aloware Basics: A Comprehensive Overview for New Users

Learn about Aloware's benefits and features to improve your team's performance and communication.

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What is Aloware?

Aloware is a modern contact center solution built to manage leads, calls, and SMS in one place. It fosters customer relationships by bringing your business on channels they prefer, complete with fax, MMS, local presence, and email.

How does Aloware work

Read the sections below to understand how Aloware works.

Receiving a Call

  • When you sign up for Aloware, we automatically create a new Line for you based on your area code.

  • Give this number a call with your cell phone, so your Aloware agent can pick it up.

  • Just make sure that your agent status is set to Available to receive the call.

Understanding Lines

A line is a group of settings for a specific phone number. Lines are the core of your Aloware phone system. Lines allow you to:

  • Make and receive calls

  • Send and receive messages

  • Buy new phone numbers

  • Define greeting prompts

  • Record calls

  • Set up IVR phone trees

You can also use multiple lines for call tracking and attribution or set up a dedicated phone number for a department. To learn more about lines, read What are Lines?

Understanding Ring Groups

Admins can set up different configurations for how contact is routed to their agents.

  1. An admin can assign a line to a single, specific agent

  2. An admin can assign a line to a group of users. This requires the admin to create a ring group.

A ring group is a group of users that can receive calls from a line. Each ring group has its own independent queue for calls. Ring groups allow you to:

  • Easily manage large groups of agents

  • Report on teams of agents

  • Give agents in the same ring group access to each others' contacts

  • Many other features

We automatically create your first ring group when you create an account. At that moment, you're the only agent within the Ring Group.

  • To add more Ring Groups, click + Add Ring Group from the top left. More details in the Ring Group article.

Understanding How a Call or Message is Routed in Aloware

  • When someone calls your Aloware Line, they first hear your IVR

    • The IVR welcomes them to your company, optionally asks for an extension or a department selection, and then sends the call over to a Ring Group (or a user).

    • The Ring Group decides how to distribute the call to your Users

      • Users are your agents, reps, hard phones, or occasionally external phone numbers that pick up and answer your calls.

  • You can track the progress of a call or historical calling and messaging records right on the dashboard.

Making an Outbound Call

Generally speaking, your prospects call and text your virtual Aloware phone numbers or Lines.

  • To make a call, open the Aloware dialer using the button on the top-right

  • Or go to contact, and click the dial icon.

Sending a Message

  • To send a new message, head to Contacts and create a new one.

  • You can also click the phone icon at the top-right for quick access.

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