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As soon as you create, queue, start, and complete a contact import, Aloware keeps track of it. This article is about Timeline.

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The Import Timeline will track the progress of the contact imports from whence it is created, queued, started the actual import, completed, etc.

How to Check Your Import List Status

  • Go to Account, click Import Tab

  • Find your imported list, and check on the following statuses

    • Finished - Imported contacts have successfully uploaded to the system

    • In Progress - Importing contacts is happening and not yet finished

    • Failed - Unsuccessful importing of contacts to the system

    • Draft - The user has started the process of importing but did not continue

Import Logs and Timeline Tab

In the Import dashboard, you can see more details of the import progress in Import Logs.

  • Click on the three-button menu, and click Show Import Logs.

  • Click on the Timeline tab to display the progress of the import with the following statutes:

    • Queued - the import list is in the queue to start importing

    • Re-queued - this is common on big imports, where the import process exceeds the maximum time a job should be executed - and the job will fail. The import process should be restarted, and the job will get re-queued. This status will track that instance.

    • Started - the import now started the actual import process

    • Re-started - instance on maximum execution time, the job has been restarted after re-queued

    • Stopped - manually stopped by the user

    • Completed - the import process is done

    • Failed - import failed

    • Import Stop Functionality - user manually stops the import process

Old Imports

  • For old imports, we will just display a text stating that the previous imports will not have import timeline data.

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