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Most data-driven salespeople today keep a stash of lists of interested prospects to engage with. Every day new businesses buy lists of prospects to cold call later. CRMs keep lead data for analytics, assignment, and engagement.

Aloware serves as a mini-CRM that handles this list, and all this data can be imported into Aloware through the CSV file.

How to Import Contacts from File

Import your list of contacts from a CSV file using the Contacts Tab or Accounts Tab, and check the import progress in Import Timeline.

  • Click the Import Contacts button under the Contacts page

  • Follow the Import Contacts Wizard

    • Agree to the DNC Agreement (Users should ensure none of the contacts they upload fall in any of the three lists mentioned in the aforementioned article)

    • If you do not have a clean contact list but want to test importing contact:

      • Click the Download Contacts Template button

      • Upload the same file by dragging and dropping it into the wizard

        • If you do have a clean contact list, drag and drop the file into the wizard or click on Upload from Computer (check on the list of required fields)

    • Select the name of the columns if you want to change the fields, and click the "Next Step button."

    • Review your data, then click the "Next Step button."

    • Complete Step 5 - Settings, and click the "Start Import" button

      • Treat this as a DNC list - This will set imported contacts to DNC (Do Not Call) and is not reversible. Learn more about DNC List

      • Update existing contacts - Override the original existing contact data with what's in the CSV file

      • Save unknown columns - Columns that are not set will be saved to the contact's notes

      • Multiple contacts for each phone number - Creates a separate contact for each phone number found in the file

      • Line - Select the line that you want to import the contacts to. You may learn more about Lines in this article.

      • User (optional) - Select the owner that you want to assign to the contacts

      • Sequence (optional) - Select the sequence that you want to enroll in the contacts to

      • Tags (optional) - Select tags that you want to assign to the contacts. Aloware creates a tag based on the date and time when you import your contacts. This tag will be visible on the Contacts page, and you can

        • search filter, or sort using this tag

        • enables you to send a bulk SMS blast to this very list right away

      • After completing the settings, click the "Start Import" button

  • Once done, click the Close button

List of required contact fields

Aloware looks for the following columns in this particular order:

  • First Name/ Last Name: contact’s name (optional). It can be left blank (but the column must be present). You can later use this information to personalize your messages.

  • Phone Numbers (required): This field must be present and uniquely identify the contact within Aloware. Numbers should be in the same format before importing your data. If you have international contacts, please include the country code, like “+1 818-740-5020”. This is the only mandatory field.

  • Company Name (optional)

  • Email Address (optional): Populates a field on Aloware that connects the lead to widely used CRMs, such as Pipedrive and Hubspot.

  • Date Of Birth (optional): to run birthday campaigns. Leave blank if unavailable.

  • Notes (optional): this populates the notes section of Aloware Contacts.

  • City (optional)

  • State (optional)

  • Country (optional)

  • Zip Code (optional)

  • CSF1 (optional) – Custom field 1

  • CSF2 (optional) – Custom field 2

  • Disposition Status (optional)

How to Check the Import Contacts Status

After importing the contacts, you can check the import progress in the Account tab, then select the Imports tab. Learn more about Import Timeline

Note: Aloware processes your list typically in a few minutes. We will send you an email when the list is fully processed. For larger lists, it might take some time. Also, if we can’t read a line (for example, if there is a bad phone number), we will skip it and inform you.

Please contact us via email at if you have an unusually large list and your list contains custom data or if you wish to delete recently imported contacts. We would be happy to assist with large lists, custom attributes, or inter-app imports.

How to Check the Phone Numbers in Import Logs

Aloware records phone numbers that import successfully or not imported during the import process. As a user, you can fast-track the tracking process of these contacts.

To check this,

  • Go to the Account tab, click Import

  • In the File Imported column, select the file you want to check the logs

  • Click the three-dot menu, and select Show Import Logs

  • If you want to file a copy of import logs, you can export the file by clicking the Export button, then clicking download.

    Screenshot of a downloaded Import Log report:

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