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What are Tags?

Tags are identifiers you can attach to contacts to categorize and segment based on their business value.

Some examples of tags:

  • Track Contact's Intent: Interested, Not Interested, etc.

  • Understand Lead Source: ZoomInfo, Manual Upload, WebForm, etc.

You can use tags to:

  • Filter the Dashboard and other tables in the app

  • Derive greater insights from reports

  • Enroll contact groups into Sequences, the Power Dialer, or Broadcasts

  • Filter reports, filters, communication type, etc.


The number of contacts displayed on the tags page is cached, so for very large accounts, it is recommended to keep it up to date by clicking the red number to recalculate the data.

What are the Different Tag Types?

Aloware supports multiple tag types:

  • Communication Tags - Use for communications (calls, SMS, email, fax)

  • Contact Tags - Use for contacts

  • Import Tags - Aloware automatically assigns import tags to import contact lists

Splitting Tags

The Splitting Tags button allows admins to split tags with a high number of contacts into smaller groups. This allows you to:

  • Build smaller, more manageable lists for agents who Power Dial (50-150 contacts/day)

Notes on Splitting:

  • The split button only appears if there are more than 50 contacts associated with the tag

  • Once split, Aloware appends a "page-x" at the end of the tag to separate it from its parent tag; the parent remains.

Assigning Contacts From a Tag to Multiple Agents

Attaching a list of contact from a tag to multiple agents helps the admin to manage and distribute the list to their teams.

  • Go to the contact list and click Assign Contact.

  • Select from the list of Users to assign the list, and click the Assign List button

  • You can assign more users from the same contact list.

How to Create New Tags

You’ll probably need some customized tags to really run your business.

  • On the Tags page, click the +Add Tag button.

  • Name your tag, choose the color, and select whether a contact tag or a communication tag.

  • Once done, click Add button.

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