There are three types of DNC Lists Aloware users should be aware of:

  1. US National DNC Registry

  2. Carrier DNC List

  3. Aloware Account-specific DNC List

US National DNC Registry

This is maintained by the US Federal Government. You can check numbers manually here or use an automated, paid service like NoMoRobo, etc.

You should make sure all contacts on a list you import into Aloware have been "scrubbed' against this national registry.

Carrier DNC List

Our carriers (most notably Twilio) allow contacts to 'opt-out' of an SMS relationship with any party--including a marketing or sales team. They do this by texting 'Stop' to the number. In order to receive new communication from that number, the contact must text 'Start' to the same number.

Aloware Account DNC List

You can have your agents keep track of contacts that don't want to be reached in a local repository in Aloware. This is known as DNC or Aloware DNC.

  • By default, only admins can 'un-DNC' a contact once it's been 'DNC'd

  • Users can see the DNC list in Aloware in the Contacts tab and set the DNC Options to Only Contacts with DNC

How to Request Aloware to Un-DNC a Contact?

An admin of your Aloware account must send a request to, with the following details:

  1. Contact's name and phone number

  2. Screenshot evidence showing the contact has asked to re-open communication with your account

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