Installing the Aloware App

Install Aloware's communication app and streamline workflows for better productivity.

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Aloware supports various devices to build better conversations and have the freedom to work on your preferred device. Whether you’re using your smartphone or your desktop, send a message or hop on a phone call with the Aloware app.

Ways to Download the Aloware App

You can download Aloware App for Windows, macOS, Chrome Extension, and App Store/ Google Play (in mobile version) at

  • Hover on the Resources tab in the topmost of the Aloware site, and click on Download Apps.

Follow these steps to proceed with the installation:

  • Install Aloware through Chrome Extension

    Aloware Chrome extension automatically detects phone numbers and gets you connected with one click.

    • Scroll down the Apps page and select the Download Chrome Extension button.

    • Click the Add to Chrome button, then click the Add extension.

    • To pin the Aloware Chrome extension, click the extension icon beside the address bar.

    • Click the pin icon. The blue icon indicates that Aloware extension is added in the address bar.

    • Aloware Chrome Extension is added.

  • Install Aloware from PlayStore and Apple Store

    Aloware supports androids and iPhones. You can send and receive SMS on all of your lines, call your contacts and view contact activity wherever you are.

    • On your mobile phone, go to Playstore or Appstore, and search for Aloware.

    • Click the Install button, and the installation begins.

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