Persistent Notification Style

Two types: Default & Auto Answer

1) Default

Aloware sends user a notification that

  • Persists for duration of call

  • Repetitive sound alert

  • Large surface area with detailed info (Aloware Talk notification profile is much smaller)

How to Enable:

  • This is default behavior of Aloware Original App

2) Auto Answer (Coming soon)

Automatically connects call to the agent if agent is set to Available status.

How to Enable: (Coming soon)

  • Enable Setting in Account Inbound Calling Tab (coming soon)

Passive Notification (also known as Fishing Mode)

Aloware sends you a notification that:

  • Lasts only a few seconds

  • Single, quick sound alert

  • small surface area; low details

How to Enable:

  • Requirements:

    • Ask Technical Support to enable this for your account

    • Go to Ring Group Settings

      • Turn Smart Queue option

        • Once enabled, turn on Fishing Mode

Notification only (no action) (For Historical purposes only)

  • This notification was removed in November 2021

  • Originally intended for Admins prior to Fishing Mode

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