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Sentry Mode | Barge & Whisper in Admin
Sentry Mode | Barge & Whisper in Admin

Admins cannot receive inbound calls while listening in on a call in Sentry mode. This article is about Sentry Mode.

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What is Sentry Mode?

Aloware's Sentry mode prevents Admins from receiving inbound calls when they are listening in on a call. When an admin or agent (depending on user settings) selects a barge or whisper call, it changes the agent status from Available to Sentry.

How Does a User Enter Sentry Mode?

In the Aloware dashboard, under the Communication Logs section, admins can see the lines with active calls.

  • Search for the user's name whose admin wants to barge in or whisper, and click either barge or whisper icon.

    • Call Barging - Allows the Admin to listen to the agent's live calls and "barge in" if necessary. By default, when Admin clicks on the barge-in icon, they're set to mute.

    • Call Whisper - Let users have a conversation without the contacts knowing. Useful for when

      • The agent needs assistance from an admin

      • Admin wants to coach the agent


  • Go to Wallboard > User by Status Table and search for the user's name

  • Agent or Admin should now be in Sentry mode

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