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Answering Parked Calls on Wallboard
Answering Parked Calls on Wallboard

Aloware Call Parking allows agents to pick up an active call on hold. This article is about answering parked calls on Wallboard.

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What is Aloware Call Parking?

Aloware Call Parking allows other agents (with access) to pick up an active call after an agent puts the call on hold or "parks" the call.

Call Park is a useful tool for companies that receive a lot of calls every day since it enables an agent to temporarily put a contact on hold so they can take an incoming call.

To use Call Parking, use the Park Call button.

What Happens When an Agent Parks a Call?

  • Aloware puts the call on hold, and the contact hears music

  • Aloware transfers a parked call to the Wallboard’s Call Parking Queue, where agents can pick up the call (unpark it)

  • Even with a parked call, an agent can dial another contact

How a Different Agent Can Pick Up a Call After It’s Been Parked?

  • Agents can see parked calls in the Wallboard > Parked Call Monitoring Section depending on their Visibility Settings.

    • To see calls from contacts that you don't own or aren't associated with one of your Ring Groups:
      Set your Contact Visibility and Communications Visibility settings to 'Everything.'

  • Click Save

  • Admins and agents can go to Wallboard and scroll down to Parked Call Monitoring Queue to see the parked calls.

  • Click the Unpark Call icon to unpark the call.

  • The agent connects to the contact. The original agent is unable to unpark (connect) with this contact once a new agent unparks the call.

📝 Note - When a user parks a call, the call remains even after refreshing the browser tab

What is Multi-Call Parking?

Aloware supports multi-call parking where agents can park multiple calls (one after another)

📝 Note - Multiple parked calls are stored in a Last In, First Out (LIFO) queue. The Parked Call Monitoring Table does not reflect this queue. The agent must take note of which contacts were put on call (and in which order).

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