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Troubleshooting Tip: How to Fix Integration Connection Failures in Aloware
Troubleshooting Tip: How to Fix Integration Connection Failures in Aloware

It is possible to break HubSpot, Zoho, PipeDrive, HelpScout, or Facebook integrations. This article provides tips for integration failures.

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Aloware checks if HubSpot, Zoho, PipeDrive, HelpScout, or Facebook integrations are still connected. Sometimes integrations can break if:

  • An Aloware admin accidentally turns off the integration

  • Aloware cannot find a company with the CRM portal ID

If your account's CRM integration disconnects, all admins will receive an email warning notification with the next steps on how to fix it.

Screenshot of HubSpot Integration turned on but disconnected:

How to Turn on Integration Connection Failure Notifications

To receive Integration Connection Notifications, the admin should enable the Integration Reports from the Users tab

  • Click the Notification Settings tab from the Users menu

  • Enable Integration Reports from the Account Level Notifications (Admins Only) section, which will send a report of the following:

    • Push/ Pull Users Sync

    • Contacts Sync

    • Contacts Dispositions Sync

    • Call Disposition Sync

    • Failed Integration Connection Status

  • Then, click Save

Whenever an Integration fails to connect, a Failed Integration Connection Status is sent to the admin's email with the steps that need to be taken:

How to Check and Fix the Failed Integration Status

Admins can also check on the integration status from the Integrations page

  • Click the Integrations menu, and all integrated CRM available will display

  • If there is a broken integration, an error label is placed on the broken integration card

  • Check on Admin's email to get the link about re-authenticating the connection; or

  • Click on the Settings button and click the re-authenticate button

  • Connection status should be successful

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