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You can think of lines as your company's phone numbers that take calls. This article gives you an in-depth explanation of Lines.

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What are Lines?

Lines are the core of your Contact Center: they contain multiple phone numbers that receive calls and text messages from your contacts. Your lines are essentially your company's numbers that take calls and feed them into your ring groups for answering.

You can use the Lines page to

  • Buy new phone numbers

  • Define greeting prompts

  • Enable call recordings

  • Set up IVR phone trees and much more

Here is a view of the Lines page:


  • Only admins can add and delete lines.

How to Add New Lines

When you sign up for Aloware, we automatically create a new Line for you.

  • If you need more, you can add lines

    • Click the Quick Access "+" button from the Dashboard > click Line.

  • Step 1: Name and Call Routing

    • Give your Line a name. This labels the line in all graphs and reports.

    • In the New Line Wizard, choose how you want to route calls you receive on this line.

      • Connect to Ring Group - Send the call immediately to the ring group without queuing. Useful for Call Tracking or when you are transferring calls to another phone line.

      • Connect to User - Send the call immediately to a specific user.

      • Dead End - This option doesn't route the call; it hangs up after playing a message.

    • Click the Next: Select Phone Number button to select the phone number to activate.

  • Step 2: Search Phone Number

    • In the Add Phone Number pop-up modal, complete the following fields:

      • Country - Select the country to which you want to assign a phone number.

      • Number - Type in the desired three digits that you want as part of your phone number (e.g., 435). Aloware will display various available numbers to choose from.

      • Match To - From the number field, the admin may match the numbers by

        • Area Code - e.g. (435) 334-3960

        • The first part of the number - e.g. (435) 334-3960

        • Anywhere in number - e.g. (914) 353-4350

        • Last part of the number - e.g. (860) 689-1435

      • Select a phone number from the list.

      • Click the Activate Line button.

  • Step 3: Register your Line

    Once you have a registered campaign in the Accounts menu, you can easily add the new line to your current campaign.

    • Click the "+" button to add the line to your existing use case.

    • Click the "Next: Line Details" button.

Read this guide to know how to Register your Campaigns.

  • Step 4: Finish

    You'll see a confirmation that the line has been successfully added.

    • Review Line - This option gives you an overview of the line.

    • Suggested Next Steps - You'll find recommendations to ensure your line is working smoothly.

How to Delete a Line

If you decide that you no longer need a Line, you can delete it.

  • In the Line Table, search for the specific line to delete.

  • Click the Delete button, and click OK.


  • Deleting a line will remove it from your invoice.

  • You cannot recover a deleted number; deleting it is irreversible.

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