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What are Lines?

Lines are the core of your Contact Center: they contain multiple phone numbers that receive calls and text messages from your contacts. Your lines are essentially your company's numbers that take calls and feed them into your ring groups for answering.

You can use the Lines page to

  • Buy new phone numbers

  • Define greeting prompts

  • Enable call recordings

  • Set up IVR phone trees and much more

Here is a view of the Lines page:

How to Add New Lines

When you sign up for Aloware, we automatically create a new Line for you.

  • If you need more, click the +Add Line button from the Line menu

  • Give your Line a name. This labels the line in all graphs and reports

  • In the New Line Wizard, choose how you want to route calls you receive on this line

    • Connect to Ring Group - Send the call immediately to the ring group without queuing. Useful for Call Tracking or when you are transferring calls to another phone line

    • Connect to User - Send the call immediately to a specific user

    • Dead End - Do not route the call, hang up after playing the message

  • Select the phone number to activate, then click the Activate Line button

How to Monitor Line Activities

Lines Graph Section

  • At the top of the Lines page, all active line activities in a period of one (1) week are displayed with a dedicated color in a graph based on the user's assigned number.

Lines Table

  • By default, the Lines Table outlines all the active lines you have with Aloware.

    • Active - lines that are working in receiving calls and messages

    • Pause - lines that temporarily stop from receiving calls and transferring any calls to Ring Groups

    • All - displays all the lines you gave with Aloware

Checking a Specific Line Activity

  • To check on specific line activity, scroll down the page and search for the line, then click the Activity button on the right.

    • It displays the communication metrics of the specific line, including graphs and communication logs.

How to Pause and Reactivate the Line

Pausing a line will temporarily refrain the line from receiving calls.

  • Search for the line in the Line Table, click the Pause button, and click OK

  • To reactivate, click the Paused Tab, go to the line, click the Activate button, then click OK.

How to Delete a Line

If you decide that you no longer need a Line, you can delete it.

  • In the Line Table, search for the specific line to delete

  • Click the Delete button, and click OK

๐Ÿ—’๏ธ Notes:

  • Deleting a line will remove it from your invoice

  • You cannot recover a deleted number; deleting it is irreversible

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