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The user status is an indicator of whether the agent can make or receive calls - as agents can only handle calls if their status is set to "Available". That's why, it is important that admins can monitor, and configure the availability of all users.

User status is found in the User Dropdown button:

Another status that users can enter is the Sentry Mode. It happens when users select Call Barge or Call Whisper. Read more about Sentry Mode.

How Admin Modify a User's Status

Admin can modify a user status in two ways:

Modify using the Wallboard

  • Go to Wallboard Menu, under Users by Status table, search for User you want to change the status

  • Click on the Agent Status button; select a status. The user's status will change to the new status.

Modify From the User's Dropdown

  • Go to Users Menu, and search for the User you want to change the status

  • Click the Login As button, you will 'impersonate' as the agent

    • Impersonating is accessible to admins only; it is accessing a user's page or account

  • Go to the User dropdown button > Select the new user status; the user's status will change to the new status

  • To go back to your account, click the user name, and select Stop Impersonating

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