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Aloware User Profile

The admin initially configures the user settings. However, users depending on their accessibility, can also set their own profile settings.

  • Go to the Users tab on the left sidebar > Profile Settings.

  • Users (agents) can configure the following details:

    • Name

      Provide the user's first and last name

    • Description

      An optional field to provide a brief description.

    • Email

      Provide an active email address which also serves as a username when logging in

    • Answer Type

      Assign how users answer calls

      • Using Apps - This user answers calls using the web browser, desktop, or mobile apps. This is the default behavior.

      • Using phone number - Forward all calls to this user to the provided phone number (usually a cell phone or off-site landline). Mostly used for call tracking.

      • Using IP phone - Used for desk-phone replacement. Note: You need to have SIP phones configured before selecting this option.

      • Will not answer - This user does not answer the phone at all. Calls can't be routed to this person. Suitable for managers, controllers, etc.

    • Backup Routing

      The user can also assign a backup phone number to ring if the call routing checks that the user is not online on Aloware.

      • If the user is available

        • The incoming call reaches the Personal line and then dials the agent’s browser for 60 seconds > If the user doesn’t answer, the call will proceed to dial the user’s backup number for 20 seconds.

      • If the user is not available

        • The incoming call tries to connect to the user's Personal line, then dials the user’s backup number for 20 seconds.

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