How to Manage Fishing Mode + Multiple Call Park + Switching between Active and Parked Calls

Aloware Desktop App allows users to Multiple Call Parking and Switching Calls to let agents manage incoming calls.

  • All incoming calls will display a notification on the user's desktop app screen

  • When a user is attending to a call and receives another incoming call - another notification will display on the screen

    • Users can receive an incoming call notification even in Fishing Mode

  • Users can choose what to do on the first received call

    • Park and Answer - To park the first call and answer the incoming call

    • Hang-up and Answer - To hang up the first call and answer the incoming call

    • Ignore - To ignore the incoming call

๐Ÿ“A purple bar at the top of the Desktop app will show the most recent Parked call; a blue bar indicates an Active call

  • Users can switch from the first call to another call

    • Park Active Call and Unpark - Park the active call and Unpark the first call

    • Hangup Active Call and Unpark - Hangup the second call and Unpark the first call

    • Close

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