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What is Aloware Broadcast?

The Broadcast tool allows users to send Bulk Messages and Bulk RVMs (Ringless Voicemail) to contacts for promotional and marketing purposes. This page shows the history of previous bulk messages also the ones which are currently running.

πŸ—’οΈ Broadcast feature requires prior approval from the Aloware support team. Make sure to accept Broadcast's User Policy to enable the feature.

How to View a Contact's Bulk Messages

Broadcast on Contacts is a preview of bulk messages that were sent to the contact.

  • Go to the Contacts menu, and select a contact.

  • Scroll down and click the broadcast dropdown to expand

  • Select from the Broadcast list to view the message sent through the Broadcast feature

  • Also, you will see the activity log footer of the message.

How to Filter Contacts through Broadcast Attribution

  • In the Contacts menu > Click Filters Button

  • Under the Attribution section, select Broadcasts (You can select multiple broadcasts at the same time)

  • Click Apply

The Contacts overview will show you ALL the contacts who received the Broadcast.

How to Set Broadcast Schedule

The Broadcast Scheduler feature works based on the account's time zone and shows the broadcast's open/ close hours.

  • Go to Broadcast menu, click +New Bulk Message button

  • Fill in the necessary information

    • Name - Assign the broadcast's name for reporting and reference

    • From - Assign a Line to use

    • Select a group of contacts

      • By Tag

      • Filter

      • Integrations

    • Select a time to send - Admin can restrict specific time to send messages

      • Send Now

      • Pick a Time

    • Throttling - Set an hourly throttle limit: 240, 480, 900 per hour

    • Credits - Displays the amount of credit available

    • Message Box - Compose a message to send

    • GIF/ MMS - Enable to allow sending of gifs and MMS

  • Click Send Bulk Message


Your scheduled broadcast date should display in the Broadcast dashboard.

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