Fishing Mode

The Wallboard allows users to answer queued calls instead of distributing them. This article explains Fishing Mode.

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What is Fishing Mode?

Fishing Mode disables auto dispatching of calls. This is a way for users to answer calls that are waiting in the queue from the Wallboard instead of Aloware distributing the calls to the users.

For instance, if all of the agents in a ring group are on a call, the incoming call will be put in a queue. Once an agent becomes available, he/she can go to Wallboard > Queued Monitoring section and answer one of the calls waiting in their queue.

Screenshot of Call Queue in Wallboard

User status also changes to Fishing Mode when an Admin utilizes the barge-in or whisper features on a live agent call. Read more about Call Barge and Call Whisper.

In the Desktop app, users in Fishing Mode can still receive notifications for incoming calls. Read more about Desktop App features.

How to Enable the Fishing Mode

Admin can set ring groups in fishing mode. To do this,

  • Navigate to Ring Groups > Queue tab.

  • Enable Smart Queue.

  • Enable Fishing Mode (Beta).

  • Click the Save button.

Enabling Fishing Mode Notification Sound

When activating Fishing Mode, you have the option to enable a sound for incoming calls. To do this,

  1. In your Aloware Admin account, navigate to the Account menu > Calling Settings.

  2. Toggle on the "Notification Sound of Fishing Mode". When enabled, incoming calls will make a single notification sound or ring like a normal call.

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