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Having Aloware as your HubSpot call provider connects your leads right away without changing tabs. You can reach many contacts using a power dialer and automate your process with tools for efficiency and productivity.


The in-app dialer feature is only available for Starter, Professional, and Enterprise HubSpot subscriptions.

In-App Dialer (Aloware Dialer in HubSpot)

After connecting your HubSpot account to Aloware, you're able to use Aloware Dialer in HubSpot as a Call Provider.

Aloware Dialer has the following features that can be used in HubSpot:

  • Park Call

  • Call Scripts

  • Call Recording

  • Call transfer

  • Voicemail drops, and

  • Other smart telephony features

To use Aloware Dialer in HubSpot:

  • In your HubSpot account, go to the Contacts menu, and select the contact that you want to call

  • Click the Call button; the HubSpot Calling Wizard pop-up will display

  • Click the Calling Provider drop-down menu, select Aloware

How to make an outbound call using Aloware's HubSpot In-App Dialer:

To learn How to Make an Inbound and Outbound Call in Aloware, read The Basics of Aloware

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