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Phone Number Identifiers Overview

Aloware provides labels of phone numbers for easy identification which are divided into three types:

  • Major Types (LRN) - Landline, Wireless, VOIP, Other

  • Prioritization Types - Primary

  • Incorrect Types - Invalid Number, Wrong Number

Major Types of Location Routing Number (LRN)

Aloware has an LRN API that is used to lookup phone number information automatically or to clean your contact data. It programmatically searches all accounts whenever a new phone number is added to the platform and identifies those phone numbers as

  • Landline

  • Wireless

  • VOIP - Allows phone calls through your internet connection

  • Other

📝 Note - $0.002 (two-tenth of a cent) is charged for any LRN lookup. You may ask your Billing Manager if you have questions. Read the LRN API article to learn more.

Screenshot of contact with corresponding LRN status:

Prioritization Type: Primary Number

The primary number is the default number Aloware associates to the contact.

Screenshot of contact with Primary number:

For contacts with multiple numbers, you can manually set the primary number interchangeably.

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