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Issue: Why does the Aloware Messenger in HubSpot not appear or work?

If you have connected your Aloware and HubSpot accounts, but you cannot send SMS and MMS to your HubSpot account through Aloware SMS Messenger, you may need to check your Aloware and HubSpot accounts.

Screenshot of Aloware Messenger not working in HubSpot

Fix: Check your HubSpot and Aloware accounts

Open your Aloware and HubSpot accounts on the same browser.

Check your Aloware Account

  • Login to your Aloware account, and go to the Integrations tab

  • Select HubSpot Settings, and check on your HubSpot Account details

    • The HubSpot account ID is indicated in the Aloware Integration HubSpot Settings, which should be synced into your HubSpot account

Check your HubSpot Account

  • Log in to your HubSpot account on the same browser as your Aloware account

  • Navigate to your Profile and click the dropdown button

    • If you have multiple Aloware integrations, select the one with the same HubSpot ID number as your Aloware account


After setting up your Aloware and HubSpot accounts, you should be able to use Aloware SMS Messenger in HubSpot.

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