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Aloware provides platforms for Admins (Aloware Classic) and Agents (Aloware Talk) to manage different functionalities.

  • Alo Classic for Admins:

    • Primarily used by Admins to manage Contacts, Agents, Account Settings, Sequences, Integrations, and more

    • Admins can monitor statuses, reports, and statistics in the Alo Classic dashboard which is important to their role

    Screenshot of Alo Classic Dashboard:

  • Alo Talk for Agents:

    • Primarily used by Agents to dial, send SMS, power dial, manage contacts, and update their settings

      Screenshot of Alo Talk Dashboard:

Switching between Alo Classic & Talk

There are two (2) ways to switch between Aloware Talk and Aloware Classic:

  • Pop-up screen after login

  • Drop-down button in the dashboard

Switch through the Pop-up screen after login

When you log in to your Aloware account (as an Admin or an Agent), a pop-up will display on your screen where you can choose to continue either to Aloware Classic or Aloware Talk.

Switch through a Selection button

You can also switch between Aloware Classic and Aloware Talk if you click the blue button on the top part of your screen.

  • Selection button in Alo Classic for Admin - In Alo Classic, the button to switch between Alo Classic and Alo Talk has no drop-down menu button. When you click the Aloware Talk button, it will directly switch to Aloware Talk.

  • Selection button in Alo Classic for Agents - Agents can select Open as Login between Alo Talk and Alo Classic by clicking the blue drop-down menu button at the upper-right side of the screen.

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