Switching Between Aloware Admin & Talk

Aloware provides agents and admins with platforms to manage various functions. This article is about Switching Between Aloware Admin & Talk.

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Aloware provides platforms for Admins (Aloware Admin) and Agents (Aloware Talk) to manage different functionalities.

  • Aloware Admins

    • Admins primarily use Aloware Admin to manage Contacts, Agents, Account Settings, Sequences, Integrations, and more to monitor statuses, reports, and statistics that are important to their role.

    Screenshot of Alo Admin Dashboard

  • Alo Talk for Agents

    • Agents primarily use Aloware Talk to dial, send SMS, power dial, manage contacts, and update their settings.

      Screenshot of Alo Talk Dashboard

Switching between Aloware Admin & Talk

There are two (2) ways to switch between Aloware Talk and Aloware Admin:

  • Pop-up screen after login

  • Drop-down button in the dashboard

Switch through the Pop-up screen after login

When you log in to your Aloware account (as an Admin or an Agent), a pop-up will display on your screen where you can choose to continue either to Aloware Admin or Aloware Talk.

Switch through a Selection button

You can also switch between Aloware Admin and Aloware Talk if you click the blue button on the top part of your screen.

  • Selection button in Aloware Admin - In Alo Admin, the button to switch between Alo Admin and Alo Talk has no drop-down menu button. When you click the Aloware Talk button, it switches to Aloware Talk.

  • Selection button in Aloware Admin for Agents - Click the blue drop-down menu button at the upper-right side of the screen so agents can select Open as Login between Aloware Talk and Aloware Admin.

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